January, Shmanuary, Look Ahead When it Comes to Austin Real Estate

The latest real estate headlines for the US are that home sales were down in January, some of these headlines even use the word “plunged”. However, there are a few areas scattered around that managed to buck this trend and no media frenzy can change that. Think about it, is it really a surprise that sales are down in January? January is the coldest month, even if you live in a southern state like Texas, who wants to move in to a new house in January.

Does anyone really feel like shopping in January when they have just completed a major holiday season that began with Thanksgiving at the end of November? Most people are just plain worn out by the time New Year’s Day is over, the last thing they feel like doing in packing up and moving. It is a month to relax and observe.

The original First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit was meant to expire in November and when it got extended and expanded people realized that they had more time to make a decision. January data is showing a dip because people wanted to stop and take a look at what the new year would bring. Now that 2010 is here and people can see that mortgage rates and property values are staying low, housing is bound to show a steady increase in sales and eventually prices as well. Even Warren Buffet appears optimistic, stating that he believes that housing problems will soon be behind us.

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SourcedFrom Sourced from: Kinetic Content Library